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Hungary client after comparing several suppliers, finally chose our machine and arranged to load it into the container and deliver the 75L rubber kneader machine to the factory of the Customer in Hungary directly. At the same time, we also decided to establish a stable and long-term cooperative relationship.


The utilization of waste rubber is mainly divided into three major parts: tire retreading, rubber powder production, and reclaimed rubber production. The value of reclaimed rubber is as follows: First, reclaimed rubber and quality are superior to other rubbers. Some ordinary rubber products can be produced by using reclaimed rubber alone. The natural rubber can be used to improve the extrusion and calendering properties of the rubber compound. The impact of the index is very small. Second, through the technological innovation in recent years, the reclaimed rubber production process has changed from the original water-oil method and the oil method to the current high-temperature dynamic method. The exhaust gas has achieved centralized discharge, treatment and recycling, and basically achieved no Pollution, pollution-free production, production technology has reached the international advanced level, and is moving towards green environmental protection.



There are many kinds of rubber products, but the production process is basically the same. The basic process of rubber products using general solid rubber-raw rubber as raw materials includes: six basic processes of mastication, mixing, calendering, extrusion, molding and vulcanization. Of course, basic processes such as raw material preparation, finished product finishing, and inspection and packaging are also indispensable. The rubber processing process is mainly to solve the contradiction process of plasticity and elastic properties. Through various processes, the elastic rubber is transformed into a plasticized plastic compound, and then various compounding agents are added to make a semi-finished product, and then the semi-finished product having plasticity is turned into a rubber product with high elasticity and good physical and mechanical properties by vulcanization. . 





1. Rubber tile making machine is used to make various types of floor tiles with different diamter as you required. With one set Vulcanizing machine, we can make many types tiles only by changing the moulds.

2. This kind machine has two different types, frame type, solid type type. It is high efficient with large output, automatic controling, easy operation and safety guaranteed.

3.The working layer can be designed as customer's request, 2, 4, 6, etc

4. We can customize the moulds according to your special requirments.

5. We have got CE, ISO, SGS.


Mixing: Pour the rubber granules and coloring pigment into the rubber mixing machine, with some adhesive,  then begin stiring. It will take 4-6 mins to be done.


Weighing: weigh the stirred rubber powder according to the floor tiles thickness you want to make.  


Paving and Pressing: pour the needed quantity rubber powder into the mould, and float it by trowel. On the bottom , can be with some coarse and black rubber powder, but on the surface should be with fine and colored powder, it can ensure your tiles quality. 


Vulcanization Moulding: Put the mould on the vulcanizer layer, generally , it take 3-8 mins to make the tiles, time difference based on the thickness of the tiles you ready to make. After finished, it will automaticlly separated, then put it somewhere to dry.


Inspecting: Inspect the tiles' surface . If no aberration, no flaw, then it is of high quality products. 

6.     We are loading rubber mixing mill machine for Bangladesh customers

Characteristic and advantage:

1. For the convenience of maintenance and installation and reliable operation, the principal and auxiliary machine adopt wholly cast steel seat mixing.

2. Oil seal device is set in roll bearings and oil circuit lubrication adopts manual dry oil cup in to keep the lubrication well, operation convenient and environment clean.

3. All drive gears are made from cast steel, and of such advantages as high strength material, stable running, high wearability and long working life, etc.

4. Equipped with emergency brake equipment. When emergency accidents occur, it will brake automatically with reliability and safety.

5. In order to save labor and operate conveniently, roll gap adopts worm wheel and worm adjustment. 


7. Czechoslovakia come to purchase composite autoclave

1.The composite autoclave is automatically controlled by temperature, pressure and time, and is 20% more energy efficient than ordinary vulcanization tanks. Special stainless steel electric heating tube built-in new thermal conductive insulating magnesium oxide material, heating block, long service life.

2.The electric heating tube is controlled by three groups of switches separately. After reaching the set temperature, only one set of vulcanization and heat preservation is retained. This design effectively saves energy consumption and reduces the cost of vulcanization.

3.The high-temperature and high-pressure integrated fan circulates back and forth in the tank to spread the heat evenly from front to back. The high-temperature air is circulated back and forth in the tank body through a special air duct plate, ensuring uniform temperature inside the tank and no dead angle, which solves the difference in product quality caused by uneven temperature and pressure in the tank.

4.The temperature inside the tank is fast, the temperature is uniform, and the pressure is constant. After setting the working program, the control system automatically performs the tasks of temperature rise, heat preservation, vulcanization, etc., and sound and light alarm sounds after the vulcanization is completed.

5.The machine adopts safety interlocking device to prevent unsafe accidents caused by accidental opening of the tank door when the equipment is under pressure or pressure, and the safety factor is high.

8.  Install the Tire recycled production line in Mexico

This production line including main machine and accessories equipment, it is used for recycling 600-1200mm waste tire, the final product is 10-30 mesh rubber powder,  at the same time, separate the steel wire and fiber. You can get 99% pure rubber powder.


9.     How to choose the suitable rubber machine?

The most important information we need as following

1.         what’s your raw material?

2.         Which final product do you want

3.         How about the output capacity ?

4.         How about the voltage?


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