Ring cutter /strip cutter /lump cutter /bead wire separator /waste tyre recycling production line-c

waste tire cutting machine

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waste tire cutting machine

Ring cutter /strip cutter /lump cutter /bead wire separator /waste tyre recycling production line

Model TRE-1028
Price US $ 100-1000
Rating 4.0 /5 based on 28 ratings and reviews
Operation Method Manual control
Brand name EVERTECH
Place of Origin Qingdao, China
Certification CE and ISO
Process Waste tyre recycling production line
Industry Rubber industry
Delivery Time 30 days

Product Description

waste tire cutting machine

Ring cutter  /strip cutter /lump cutter /bead wire separator /waste tyre recycling production line


Bead ring cutter

Main Technical Parameters

Dimension(L×W×H)                1300×900×1200

Production efficiency(tire/h)      40

Motor power(KW)                  3

Motor rotating speed (r/min)     1440

Voltage(V)                         480 volts 60 Hz 3 phase

Frequency(HZ)                      50

Machine weight(kg)                 300

Size of applicable tire                650 -1200(mm)


Use: put the waste tire sidewall and tire crown for cutting separation, so that the next division, is the processing waste tyre first process.


Detailed description: The waste tyre in garden disc platform above, rotating intermediate handwheel, four claws frame will firmly seize tire inner ring, start power supply, work platform rotation, cutting tool according to need to feed, slow cut tires, step by step, until the tire side cut off. Tool using hard alloy and hard and durable, can be repeated grinding use.

Features: tool using hard alloy so hard and durable, especially many grinding use.

Strip cutter machine


 Main Technical Parameters

Dimension(L×W×H)(mm)   1250×700×1500

Production efficiency(kg/h)     1000

Motor power(KW)                     5.5

Motor rotating speed (r/min)    1440

Voltage(V)                               380

Frequency(HZ)                           50

Speed Reducer Model                                350

Reduction radio                             31.5

Size of discharged materials(mm)          20-40

(kg) Machine weight(kg)                    720


Application :

Strip cutting machine make use of two round special cutting tools to combination running cutting. It can cut the tire of circle cutting into 3-8mm wide strip, to use for dicer cutting. The material of this machine’s knife disk is special alloy structural steel , diameter of knife disk isΦ390mm, hardness is 58-62GrS, more durable. 

Block Cutter Machine

Main Technical Parameters

Dimension(L×W×H)                    850×850×1250 mm

Production efficiency(kg/h)                1000

Motor power(KW)                           11

Motor rotating speed (r/min)              1440

Voltage(V)                                 380

Frequency(HZ)                              50

Size of discharged materials(mm)             20-40

Machine weight(kg)                         620

Application : 

Block cutter for waste tire crusher is utilized to process the rubber stripes into rubber blocks with a certain size.

Features :

1.Unique design, high output and long lifetime blade characterize secondary shredder and fine rubber shredder, which can improve the working efficiency and lower equipment maintenance cost.

2.Double-grinding pan rubber grinder is featured for low energy consuming and high output.

3.Reasonable construction, easy operation and low rate of breakdown.

4.Environmental-protection, no pollution(no waste gas, no waste residue, no Polluted water), meeting the environmental requirement of the government.

Tire steel wire separator

Main Technical Parameters

Dimension (L×W×H)               1500×900×1400

Production efficiency(Tyre/h)      65

Motor power (KW)                 15

Motor rotating speed (r/min)     1440

Voltage (V)                        380V or according to your need

Frequency (Hz)                    50

Speed Reducer Model                       400

Reduction radio                  40.17

Machine weight (kg)               1300

Application: Be utilized to separate rubber and steel wire of bead in order to get whole steel wire.

Characteristic: It is easy operation, easy to be installed and maintained high efficient and clean etc.

Key Parts Introduction

  • The materials of blade is excellent hard alloy, so the blade is high hard and wearable.


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